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Welcome to Our Mobile Shop. Like you, we love building awesome products on the Mobile. We would love to enable you reach it.


Mobility for Enterprise

Today's connected workforce uses personal mobility devices and demands secure access to data. We actively engage in building enterprise mobility solutions.

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User Mobility Integration

We help you build mobile apps, leverage native interfaces, create location based services, video, and social networking solutions

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Publish in App Stores

We help you develop and certify your rich media applications on istore, Google Play, Ovi store

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What does it take to get your App out?

Today its all about being connected; what’s better than the web. It’s presenting the right content to your audience in the manner they need. The question one should be asking is,

How good is your content?

You know it best, focus on it. Technology is just an enabler.

Are you out there within easy reach of your customers?

Aim for multiple platforms and implement one platform at a time.

How long would you go about reaching it? "Do you build from scratch?"

Use prebuilt components like PhoneGap, Joomla, Twitter bootstrap to cut development timelines. Phone Gap supports multiple mobile devices like Iphone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Meet the Team

Thangaraj Krishnan

In his element with iphone, Android and web platforms. Loves to code and the God of details. Motto "a clean and responsive user interface"