Product Frameworks

You can leverage our solution accelerators built using open source components for your projects.

Are you looking for a solution???

  • Anytime anywhere approvals for people in the field on mobile/ handheld devices

  • Want to dynamically create promotions and offers every day and publish with your field sales team

  • Create and publish custom forms for employee finance/ travel/ HR approvals

  • Provide customizable escalation mechanisms

  • Create reports, export as xml/csv file


Workflow engine

A simple web solution for creating workflows and publishing dynamic content like checklists and form elements.

  • Choose the devices to publish.

  • Create access rights for content based on user and device authorization

  • Use encrypted SSL based communication

  • Work offline and online on the mobile device


Form Creator

A web based solution to create and publish your forms in five minutes.


Ipad/Android app

A platform specific application to render the published forms on the mobile device.